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The Land That We See So Often

The Rockies are now behind us.

We’re finally back in familiar Rough & Tumble territory and it feels so good to see freeway exits we’ve stopped at before and to drive through Ohio in the Fall. It is getting harder and harder to find postcards at gas stations, and that is a very comforting thing. The first 4 weeks of this 5 week tour have been fabulous; traveling to places we don’t get to very often, seeing terrain that we don’t see on a regular basis, and being with friends who don’t get to come out to many of our shows. But it can be a bit overwhelming to be in parts of the country that people vacation in, where every stop has a historic landmark or a scenic viewpoint or a “World Famous Something-or-other.” It’s like that Weepies song, “All this beauty, might have to close our eyes.” People travel from all corners of the world just to see Sedona, and we hit it in an afternoon. The Utah desert is a sight to behold, and we drove through it at night, (albeit with a spectacular night sky, but still at night! What were you thinking Rough & Tumble!) We were a couple hours away from Yosemite and Yellowstone and could have taken the Southern route through Moab but we didn’t. Now that we’re back in Ohio we can breathe in the cool, crisp air and just enjoy being on tour in the Fall and how special that is. Not that Ohio isn’t beautiful. It is. It really is. But we are finally, once again, in “The Land That We See So Often,” and how wonderful that feels.

Lovely Ohio.

We’ve got a one more week and this next leg is so very similar to our tour exactly a year ago. If you’re in Harrisburg, Fredricksburg, Roanoke, Greensboro, or Jefferson City, please come on out and say hi. It would be a real treat to see you again.

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