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Butter Writes Haikus and Other Adventures.

Oh sweet Savannah, city of ghosts, you sure thawed out a folk band last Saturday night.

You know, to quote ourselves.

The A-Town Get Down was an ordeal we were nearly unprepared for. Who knew you kind folks would not only let us get warm from Nashville’s not-so-nice-to-me ice storm, but you would also sit, listen, and even call out to us in your public parks the next day. I guess the winter time made us forget how warm people can be, too. Charleston, you weren’t so shabby yourselves. We have officially deemed you both as one-of-them-friendly-type-cities-we-like.

This trip, Butter started her own project. Her brooding back seat hours have recently been spent writing poetry in the form of haiku, and we have committed to letting her post one per show. She’s only just starting, so if you attend a show this year, and have a few haiku pointers from your unique audience-member-at-a-R&T-show perspective you’d like to lend, she would appreciate it. You can check out her latest on our Instagram feed. Here’s her first from Charleston:

I have made friends at

the Royal American;

also, history.


Charleston, SC


If that isn’t enough to get you excited about The Rough & Tumble (and, trust us, it is), we have two additional things to tell you about. Here’s the list:

1. We did a song swap months back with super-cool The JellyRox main man, Matt Langston. This means he took one of his favorite R&T songs and we took one of our favorite JellyRox songs and made them our own. We drew a funny picture and you can have access to four songs, each original (2) and each newfangled version (2), this Wednesday.

2. Believe it or not, we are playing a show in Nashville. This Friday, March 6th at Mad Donna’s. It’s weird, but real. So if you’ve been hanging around these parts, this would be a good time to hang out with us. We will be joined by Matt Townsend and The Wonder of the World, The Milk People, and Mother Explosives. Sounds fun, yes? It’s also only $5.

3. We are still on the lookout for a camper to house two folkies and their dog. Leads are appreciated.

4. We are really bad at counting.

We like you so much, and can’t wait to be back out on the road again. While we can’t promise it’ll slow down our incessant updates (it may only increase them), we can promise that they will at least have longer lists.


The R&T and Butter, too.

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