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Tide Pools and Sand Dogs: From the Central California Coast

For the past week, we’ve been staying on the Central California Coast. Like, literally on the Central California Coast.

Generally you will find Mallory giving Rodney Yi a run for his money here, while Butter sits and guards her from Cal Trans.

This is what we lovingly refer to as “our front yard.” It’s been beautiful here. Everyday we take walks on the beach, eat fish, drink coffee with Scott’s parents, do yoga looking out over the ocean, keeping an eye open for grey whales, pelicans and sea lions. And every night we drive down to our little spot on the side of the road and park the camper just so we can do it all over again the next day. We fall asleep to the waves crashing against the rocks and wake up to those funny little black ocean birds squawking and Cal Trans workers doing calisthenics in the park. Butter is slowly overcoming her fear of the ocean and we’re slowly getting used to a dog that is covered in beach sand.

But tomorrow it’s back to shows. Which we’re really excited about. Sort of last minute, we’ll be playing a house show with Travis Oberg in Dinuba,CA about a half mile of grape vines from where Scott grew up, at Smoking Possum Farm.

We’ve got shows everywhere this summer! San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Redlands, Bakersfield, Oakland, Placerville, Portland, Rapid City- And that’s only this month! And we’re booking like a librarian on the first day of school. So, if you’ve got a venue you want to see us at, if you want to host a house show, if you want us to play your wedding (yes, we play weddings, and no, we don’t only play sad songs), if your cousin lives in Sioux Falls and might know somebody who knows somebody about the music scene there, if you want to chat or want advice on where to dump your black water tank when you’re in the middle of the desert, shoot us an email, send us a message on facebook, or come out to a show.

We’ve got these adorable, one of a kind, Butter Shirts we’ve been selling at shows. They are only for sale at shows. And they are selling out fast (that’s some incentive). Which means those few lucky ones who have the blue-style Christmas lights shirts are now in hipster vintage style, as the last one has sold and Butter is taking over our merch table.

Until we see you again, don’t forget to write.

Mallory Graham/Scott Tyler

PO Box 160474

Nashville, TN 37216

Write to us please!

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