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Getting Young

We’re an old couple when we’re in Black Mountain. That sleepy little town with the temperate weather. Every morning we wake up and take a walk around the town. Seriously, the entire town. We talk about lawn ornaments, the neighbor’s dogs, funny stories we remember from a long time ago. Today we had a leisurely breakfast at Louise’s, waved to Bud, the chef, who was one of the first to book Mallory and I as a duo back before we were the R&T. We’re doing some work at The Dripolator now. Mallory is catching up on her correspondences. Tonight we’re having dinner with our old friends, the Langston’s. We’ll probably end up playing Scrabble or Backgammon.

Mallory and Butter, walking and accordioning in peace. From our days on a mountain in Floyd, VA.

But tomorrow night we’re gonna get young again. Going into Asheville and getting a little rowdy at Jack of the Wood. We play at 9PM. That starts off our September tour to the North Country. Asheville, Johnson City, Abingdon, VA, Roanoke, Thomas, WV, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Vermont, Maine, New York City! Oh my gosh there is so much that we’re doing up North this month.

So, if your looking to get young with us, check out the tour dates and come say hi to some old friends.

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