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A Blog For The Remembrance of Lost Cheez

You all know our pooch Butter, right?

Too cool for school.

Most of the time she’s a pretty good dog. Last year, especially, Butter really came into her own and took on a lot more responsibility on the home front. She was a good listener and wasn’t a pully-dog when she was on her leash. She practiced her piano lessons everyday and was even getting good on other keyboard instruments.

Chopsticks were sounding pretty good.

She even helped us out in the garden.

Such a good gardener.

Butter had been asking for a pet for a while and since she had shown that she could be responsible, we decided that we’d get her a pet taxidermy duck for Christmas. She was so excited when she opened up her Christmas presents and found this little yellow ball of fluff staring up at her with those big, black googly eyes.

Cheez in the mustard tin.

She named him Cheez and Butter just loved him. When we moved into the camper, Cheez sat up by the flowers and the cupcake pot holders in a tin cup that we kept the mustard and ketchup in that we’d take from gas stations. His job was to sit there and make sure that the mustard and ketchup didn’t fall out of the tin, but sometimes it was too much and Cheez would topple from his perch above the sink and onto the floor. Every time we found him on the floor when we opened the camper door we’d shake our heads and say “Poor Cheez. Poor, poor Cheez.” It got to be one of our little sayings. “P-p-poor Cheez!”

A week ago, we pulled over for dinner at a Thai restaurant and hurriedly put Butter in the camper and went out to eat. We were hungry. The food was delicious. We returned as happy campers with leftovers and went about cleaning up the camper before visiting friends. Suddenly, Mallory let out a shriek. Scott saw why, groaned and went white in the face.

Butter had eaten Cheez. All that was left was a wire hanger and a right duck foot. Also, a few yellow feathers.

We were shocked, saddened, utterly confused. Moral of the story; sometimes you can’t even keep your dead pets alive.

Cheez only made one appearance in a Rough & Tumble music video; A Day For The Remembrance of the Soul’s of Lost Whales, which we recorded for that Tiny Desk Contest everybody did last year. We’re sharing it today in Cheez’s honor and for his remembrance.

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