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Pieces and Pieces

It’s happening!

Back in 2014, our filmmaker friend, Alyssa Pearson, embarked on a project; a short film about a woman coming home from war. It’s a heartbreaking film that deals with post traumatic stress disorder and the struggle to rebuild a life that has been shattered to pieces.

We wrote seven songs for the film, and with the help from some of our friends including Chris Leonard at Iconoclast Studios in Nashville (recording), Matt Langston at Rock Candy Recordings in Black Mountain, NC (mixing), and Ryan Camp of Northman Creative in Nashville (pretty pictures and a video coming next week!), we are falling to pieces trying to maintain our excitement for this project.

All this to say, on March 1st, you can also take a good long listen to these songs on iTunes, Spotify, and (for you punctual pre ordering types) your own copy. And we will leave a few breadcrumbs along the way, too, to get us to that release date safely.

And then, for extra credit, on March 2nd (after you’ve worn out your copy), you can tune in to WDVX’s Wednesday night special, Tennessee Shines, at 7PM EST to hear a live rendition of Pieces and Pieces.

That completes the news from this side of the internet. If you wouldn’t mind sharing the news on your side of the internet, too, we’d be grateful.

Warmly and peacefully yours,

The Rough & Tumble


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