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Things That Used to Hang from our Camper.

The hot water heater door. A busted axle. Two blown out tires. Bent up rear jacks. Leaky shower. The death trap hitch. Those weird screws we kept finding underneath the rugs that we weren't sure what they were for. These are the things that hung from our camper before ultimately falling off in 2015. Not this time, buddy boy. No way, no how. We are grown up lucky sort of camper people, now.

Which is why we are making that insane decision to go back out there again. Seven months of riding shotgun to fate on the open road with nothing but tour dates ahead of us and a falling-apart campers far behind us. With the help of our friends, family, and fans, we were able to overcome everything 2015 threw at us. We even have a spare water heater door just in case Rapid City claims another one (sorry about your construction cones, South Dakota) and an extra water hose in case our current one gets contaminated again in Iowa (which it won't, remember, because we are grown up lucky camper people, now).

Tomorrow kicks off the official start of our Touring Season (very different than duck or wabbit season) here in Western PA. We are readjusting to the tinkering of our windchimes as we roll over in our sleep and the trailer shakes. We are reacquainting ourselves with the rules of boondocking (and outlawing). We are getting restocked by Tumble's mom and our good friends the Lawson's with enough food to get us halfway through New England. We are rested. We are road ready. We are tried and true and... a tiny bit nervous.

But we have everything we need. That includes each other and a lot of trust in the world. And there's always room for a little more trust in the world. Our camper may have given us some trouble, but the rest of the world, so far, hasn't seemed to have let us down, yet.

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