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The Rumbly Tummy: Watermelon Mint Sloshes

Bryan and the Slosh!

It's summer! After chasing a world of winter for months, we are breaking a bit of a sweat just from standing in the sun (with sunblock, of course). This means a couple of things. One, that Mallory and Butter are extra cranky. Two, it's watermelon season. Three, that makes Mallory twice the extra cranky. Because if you're like Mallory, you don't like watermelon. Scott, however, is in his glory.

Which brings us to this compromise: Watermelon Mint Sloshes.

Nothing can convince Mallory to take on that dreaded fruit, seeded or not, quite like a cup of rum. So, hold on to your blenders, we got a RUMbly Tummy that may persuade the mildest of your melon haters. And if it doesn't, by the second glass, they likely won't care as much.

These are best enjoyed with a pal, since it makes a whole blender's worth (and should you really be drinking that much rum on a Wednesday afternoon?). We shared them last Wednesday afternoon with two of our very best pals, Bryan and Aaron, who stopped by our campground spot in Indiana. They both rated the Sloshes with two... four... seven?... thumbs up.

Oh! And what luck! This Rumbly Tummy also happens to fall on a holiday made famous by The Rough & Tumble's Holiday Awareness Campaign: The 5th of July. So while you are slurping your libation, you can also offer a less than offensive treat for your ears. (And if you join us today at noon EST on Facebook Live this fine 5th of July, you can hear it live!).

Should you prefer a less alcoholic (rather, non alcoholic) version, substitute the rum with lemonade or orange juice! For a variant, top either version with a smidge of ginger ale or a La Croix of your choice.

Watermelon Mint Sloshes!


1/2 Watermelon, insides scooped out and rind discarded

1 - 2 c ice

1/2 - 1 c white rum (or non-alcoholic variant of choice)

2 TBSP + fresh mint, to taste (or try basil!)

1/2 fresh lime


1. Place watermelon, ice, and mint in blender. Blend!

2. Add rum, and squeeze in lime to taste. Blend again!

3. Pour into adorable cups and serve to your friends! Cheers!

*Note that the pulp will separate-- that's normal!

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