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Whoops. It's Time!

Photo by Jessica Langston

"I thought when it said 'launch' that it meant-- 'hit this button and it'll take a little while for us to approve it and then we will send you another button to hit in order to actually launch it!'" said Mallory.


Well, just like Mallory's tendency to accidentally drop a mallet or a violin bow on her glockenspiel between songs, sounding a resonant but often out of tune note during another of Scott's boring segues, we have accidentally launched our Kickstarter campaign two days before planned!

We were going to bake you a cake!

We were going to turn all the lights off and shout "SURPRISE!" when you came home from work!

But we accidentally hit the big green button, so we may as well just tell you. We launched our Kickstarter! It's for our upcoming album, We Made Ourselves a Home When We Didn't Know. The tracks are done, but the loans to make them are not paid off. The artwork is nearly finished, but the funds to actually print it are non existent. Which is why we are asking for your help. The last time we ran one of these was in 2013, so we are a little rusty. Clearly. Hence the jumpstart on the Kickstart(er). But we do remember that we made good on all rewards in a real timely manner. And it seemed like a lot of you liked them. And we have gotten better since then, even.

We are really proud of these songs and have a clear idea on how to release them-- but we can only do it with you coming alongside us.

And, holy cow, the rewards. We realize that we are the type to go a little overboard. But we love to make you things. So included in the $6,000 we are asking for is what it will cost to make the accompanying rewards-- the rewards that we saw, from the start, as being part of this album. It's boring stuff like t-shirts and posters, but also the homemade R&T you've been following for years with a Cook & Color Book, extra home recordings (and handmade CD covers), and even some fingerpaintings that Butter and Pud are helping make. But you can go ahead and read about those yourself.

Hey, thanks. It's weird and not always fun doing crowd funding. But it's sometimes impossible to make cool things without you. So, thanks for being in this with us. Your reward is great in Heaven. Or rather, just, like, in February when you get your new R&T record here on Earth.

Now, watch this INCREDIBLE home movie we made. And share it. We can use all the help we can get.

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