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I Belong to the Band

Hello friends! We're on the road! And happy about it! We're currently bumming the internet and electricity from a local coffee shop in the idyllic mountain town of Idyllwild, CA. We've been waking up before 7AM each morning to move the camper because, once again, we're parking in questionable places. But this is fine by us because it allows more time in the day to take long hikes up steep mountains with incredible overlooks before stopping in at Cafe Aroma in the afternoon for half off bottle of wine night. Now, you'd think that our life is nothing short of extraordinary, but right now our bed and couch are covered in Kickstarter rewards and our camper smells like rubber cement. It's crunch time for The Rough & Tumble and we're literally parking in the USPS parking lot in order to get these Kickstarter rewards to you as fast as our little hands can handle it. So keep your eyes peeled for an envelope from your local, nationally touring tiny folk band.

Today on Double Americana we're singing the gospel song, I Belong To the Band. Mallory started singing this one day in the car and the arrangement stuck. There are many different versions out there, from Reverend Gary Davis to Mavis Staples, and sometimes they're singing about union bands and other times it's Christian bands. We decided to belong to that union band. In these times when we are so divided, it's important to say that we belong to the union. It's important for us to say that you do, too. Enjoy the song and try not to get it stuck in your head.

And now, it's time for Double Americana!

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