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Love is Grosser (but it still looks good on you)

A couple years ago we released an EP called "Love is Gross (but it looks good on you), " 7 kinda, sorta, love songs mostly written for other people. It was well received (because who doesn't love love?) and we had a blast working up these songs and so in January at the start of our southern tour we got the band back together and went into the studio to record some new tunes for the project. It's not quite commonplace to add songs onto albums; most of the time we group albums together by time and expect that they will stay fixed there, but two years later, we felt the need to update the album. We had more love, it turns out, and more love songs. So today we're presenting you with 5 more love songs to turn this into a full-fledged album.

We recorded "Mess Around," which is a song many of you ask about at our merch table every night- mostly to make sure we don't actually tour with a trumpet player, as well as our new one, "Can't Not," which turned out beautifully. We also recorded a version of the classic Edith Piaf song, "La Vie en rose," IN FRENCH! Hats off to Mallory on that one---Duolingo is really working. We also went back and re-recorded our song "Wahoo!" from our album The Rough & Tumble's Holiday Awareness Campaign and gave it a more rockin' country feel. And to round it all out we included a stripped down version of "Blue Earth, MN." 

We recorded these, once again, with our pal Dave Coleman in his Inglewood studio with the help of drummer extraordinaire, Chris Benelli. These two are the dream team and it's always an absolute joy working with them. 

There are always moments of serendipity on our records and this time was that our friends, John and Becky Foster, who we know from New Hampshire, just happened to be in Nashville during our session, and so we got John to lay down some percussion on "Wahoo!" Having good friends on your records is what it's all about. It just makes the music that much richer. 

The album will be re-released on Spotify and Apple Music in a few days, but you can pre-save the album here so you can listen to it as soon as it becomes available. OR you can listen to it RIGHT NOW on Bandcamp! It's all up there for you to stream or download.

Thanks to you all, Happy Valentine's Day. We love you. 

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Hope you are well and playing again soon! Big LOVE from NC.

The Rough & Tumble
The Rough & Tumble

Working on some NC dates for later this year! Love your way!

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