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The CAMPstarter

Help us get hitched again!

8 years and over 400,000 miles, and our camper finally decided to call it quits. It's been a big year of break downs, and we'd love to keep rolling-- but we need a little help. Send some funds and good thoughts our way notating "camper" to get our wheels turning, and to get your name written inside the new rig.

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UPDATE: 12/6/23
You all! We raised $21,126 thanks to 158 of you! And miracle on miracle, we found a camper at almost that price the DAY THE CAMPSTARTER ENDED! It's now safely parked in our driveway and ready for a year of touring in 2024. THANK YOU!

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When, What, Why, Where, How.

One More Why and a Prize.

This year was exceptional in a lot of ways. We met exceptional people, played exceptional shows, saw exceptional places. And also? We had exceptional expenses. We lost our touring vehicle in February and had to replace it within two weeks before tour. We released a new record, and took some risks that we were capable of at the time. And then, we had an unreasonable number of break downs. We poured everything we had into our rig and our record, and while we learned a lot and gained a lot-- we lost out financially this year. Sometimes, it's just not your year. We are going to keep going because that's what we do. We understand that everyone is pinched right now, and we understand that there are priorities above our little corner of the world. But with humility and much gratitude we're taking a chance and asking for a little help to see if we might be able to roll on.

In thanks, we'll be writing your name on the inside of our new camper, and doing a weekly drawing for some cool R&T things til we reach our goal. And, of course, you'll have our teary eyed thanks (and some dog drooly thanks, too).

Here are the places to donate. Notate "Camper" or "Go Get Hitched" and we'll put your name into the drawing and onto the rig.



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