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"...the duo would be daytime festival slot darlings or dive bar warriors, with its contagious harmonies and gritty musical interplay...

 "... “Ain’t That Way,” a dual harmony feel-good charmer that holds a contagious melody and impeccable musicianship... The Rough & Tumble makes like Nickel Creek meets Head and The Heart with its melodic Americana.
-Glide Magazine, 2023




"...Listening for the first time, what strikes you is indeed the unpretentious nature of the overall feel, and how well Mallory and Scott’s interweaving vocals complement the other, with enough ‘edge’ to separate them from the field.  In short, no-nonsense, straight-forward, modern-sounding folk music. "

--Richard Clark, Great Dark Wonder, April 2021

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"...beautifully passionate expressions of the social, political, and medical turbulence folks have been enduring since March 2020."

-Joe Vitagliano,

American Songwriter

Hear the new singles with Dutch Records here.

Released on Dutch Records 10.8.21

As featured in American Songwriter's Daily Discovery.

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Song of the Year







of the


Independent Music Awards




Song of the Year

"...they sure as hell are peaking high and mighty in this music and songwriting game."

--Brian Carroll, Red Line Roots, September 2019

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Monkey Around Single Artwork.jpg

"...the jangly folk tune recalls the lighthearted side of Woody Guthrie, highlighting a heart-melting notion for innocent fun."

--Jonathan Frahm, For Folk's Sake, June 2020

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This is a really great album. I’ve loved your music since you landed on my musical doorstep... 

The interesting thing is there are so many layers...


…it really does feel like a breakthrough. 

--Jan Hall, Folk Roots Radio, November 2019

Full Interview Here.

"...I must confess that this is an absolute gem of an album that finds the duo not only facing some deeply dark and personal demons, but raising their game to an unprecedented level too."

--Martin Noakes, Great Dark Wonder, August 2019

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" [Howling Back at the Wounded Dog] contains the fleetingness of summer, the wistfulness of romance, the magic of fireflies. But it also contains the hard-scrapple beauty of living: The scrapes and bumps accrued while working toward a goal, a summit, a golden moment."

--Alli Marshall, Mountain Xpress, August 2019

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WE Made OUrselves a Home

When We Didn't Know (2018)

"An album as cozy, comfortable, and inviting as a well-worn couch... Even when the pair’s lyrics take an occasional turn toward the melancholy, there’s an underlying sense of happiness (or at least optimism) that leavens the vibe. And the voices of Graham and Tyler — both of which avoid the affected, mannered tone so prevalent in much of today’s Americana — combine seamlessly."

--Bill Kopp, Mountain Xpress, February 2018

Full Article/Album Review Here

"...while the duo’s love story is indeed a grand tale, go see them for the music. The new record is terrific as are their previous releases. But don’t mind me if I get a little starry-eyed with a cartoon heart throbbing out of my chest with the knowledge that it was music that brought these two together in the first place."

--Aimsel Ponti, Maine Today, November 2018

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