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"The bottom line is these are just quality songs, well written, well played, well sung and arranged, and a pleasure from start to end."
--Americana UK, May 2023

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"The Rough & Tumble really do create a sound that's much greater than the sum of the parts, and as would be expected this far into their career, the album arrives fully formed.


The writing is strong, the playing from the duo and everyone else involved is beautifully sympathetic and the recording values capture everything in lovely organic detail.


With 'Only This Far' The Rough & Tumble have produced a fine record indeed."

-Paul Jackson, FATEA Magazine

Only This Far Cover 2.jpg

 "The R&T have written a suite of songs that mine that vein of sorrow, but with an empowering, often uplifting spirit. They write about coming to terms with family drama in a way that requires strength, distance, and, ultimately, benign neglect. There is an inspirational thread and a sense of empowerment that gives this album lift..." 

-- Ron Rosco Selley, F.O.R. Collective

WOFIYSS Cover.jpg
"...the breakthrough
they richly deserve."
-Great Dark Wonder
You're Not Going Alone BGS.jpg
Love is Gross Pink.png

recent history.

Love is Gross Album Cover.jpg
WOFIYSS Cover.jpg

"...they sure as hell are peaking high and mighty in this music and songwriting game."

--Brian Carroll, Red Line Roots, September 2019

Be Good Little Children
Cardboard and Christmas Lights
Howling Back at the Wounded Dog
we made ourselves a home.jpg
Pieces and Pieces
The Rough & Tumble's Holiday Awareness Campaign
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