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Black Oak Artists
Brad Raley

"Wow, what an appealing package. High-quality originals in all sorts of traditional veins, from haunting ballads to stomping, screaming folk anthems. All performed with expert, polished musicianship and flawless ensemble. Amazing array of instruments (a few you will never have encountered before, I bet!), and attention to musical detail, without a trace of pretension or preciousness. The vocals are a pleasure – natural yet perfectly executed. The whole effect seems fun and blithely effortless."
M. McLeod, May 2019, Maplewood, NJ

"Wow! Do not pass up on the opportunity to host this wonderful duo. Mallory & Scott were the total package--very musically adept and charming. Their joy of playing music together was evident throughout the evening. This joy is what really resonated with our audience and made for very special evening. They and their dogs were the perfect guests. Mags & Puddles got along well with our dogs & were well behaved, so don't let the fact they travel with them scare you. Overall a truly wonderful experience!"
C. Mccauley, August 2019, Broadlands, VA

"Fun fun, fun, we enjoyed these two. Great songs, great personalities. Wonderful communicators. You know when you wish the songs would go on longer that you have a winner."

-B. Amidon, May 2018, Alamagordo, NM 


"Fun and FUNNY! What fun to have this duo in the house, they charmed our audience with their eclectic folk tunes and their silly stories. I recommend Scott and Mallory for any audience, but especially the ones who like to laugh. Great vibes, great guests!"
-A. Fletcher June, 2017, NY

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Here's the breakdown!

House shows are a low budget, low pressure way to invite friends and family in and enjoy live music without having to change out of your pajamas.  Hosting varies from potlucks to food-provided to drinks only to BYO-everything to virtual hangs!-- you can decide!


Here are the guidelines!

  • have or clear a space for two traveling musicians & their instruments.

  • invite as many or few people you want, 20 minimum (this ensures a fun night and our gas covered!)

  • house shows are donation based!  Hosts have asked anywhere from $15-$40 per person.

  • encourage your attendees to bring extra cash to purchase merchandise!

  • we ask that hosts communicate to attendees that this is a house SHOW, not a house PARTY.  We spend a lot of time honing an intimate, fun night of music-- which can only be possible with listening ears.  Some hosts have, in the past, provided a separate space for those who have conversations that just can't wait.  

Here are some questions to ask yourself to make the environment YOU want:

  • Do I want food at this show?  Potluck or provided?

  • Do I want alcohol at this show?  Provided or BYO?

  • Do I want to be indoors or outdoors?  Do I have an in-case-of-rain back up plan?

  • Do I want this event to be closed or open to the public (just my friends, or can my friends and the band also invite people?).

  • Is there limited space?  Do I need people to RSVP to ensure that everyone has a seat?

  • Do people need to provide their own chairs (outdoors)?

And, don't worry-- your pals, The Rough & Tumble, will be there to help you every step of the way.  We even come with our own sound system for those larger backyards.

Sound fun?  We think so. 


Send us an email, and let's get a date on the calendar at  

You will be joining the ranks of these famous hosts, too (this article also might give you a little more encouragement to take the plunge).