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Frankenstorm’s Gonna Get Us

The Rough & Tumble have been on the road for over a week, with just another short week to go. Starting out our adventures in Asheville, NC, we find ourselves on the couch of a good friend now in Philadelphia, PA. We did yoga on a roof overlooking the city. Drank coffee. We’re moments away from loading up that tiny car and heading up to NYC tonight for our northeastern debut in Googie’s Lounge.

Yesterday we took a day to explore Baltimore, MD, eat some seafood, and decide on our fearlessness with being in a new region of the country. Sure, we miss the ready-and-eager kindness and hospitality of the south, but the north isn’t all bad. It did produce Mallory, after all.

We have had ease in travel and shows, meeting nothing but new friends and kind words. And sometimes even a few pretty pictures, like the one you see here, taken by a friend in Asheville at the show we did at Biltmore Lake.

We’d tell you more, but thankfully, there’s been little to report. Just an appreciation for the fall weather, and that looming threat of Frankenstorm on the way. We’ll be hightailing home to Nashville before you know it.

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