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Things That Used to Hang From my Ceiling

Good Friday, the day many of us celebrate when Jesus Christ was crucified and died and was buried and all of his disciples were very dismayed and wondered to themselves if they maybe wasted all their time following a man who maybe wasn’t all that he maybe was. And Simon, who was named Peter, disowned him three times and no longer wanted that silly nickname. And Thomas, who loved so much the loneliness, couldn’t stand to be in the same room with him again when he returned and doubted his love even with the the grand gesture of touching his wounds. And all three Mary’s wept like he was their own. And they continued to weep. And thus continued. And so the disciple whom Jesus loved walked over to Mary, the mother, and said to her, “Mary, don’t you weep. Your son did no wrong.” And she was comforted in that thought. But wasn’t Judas Iscariot the only one who couldn’t live without him?

So, go ahead, listen to our Good Friday song: Things That Used To Hang On My Ceiling

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