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The Week in News

This week, and a little bit last week and the week before, were just jam packed full of great things for The Rough & Tumble. Let us explain. In reverse. And then forward. And then backward. And then forward again. And go.

July 24th is Amelia Earhart day, which is also the day of her birth, and in honor of her we’re releasing our song, “Brother Said,” which is a song more about runaways than runways. You can listen to it here.

On July 22nd, Daytrotter released the session we did up in Rock Island, IL. This is one of those huge moments in a little-folk-bands’ life and we couldn’t be happier about it. Give it a listen and give Sean and Mike and everyone there at Daytrotter some love and support, because they’re doing great things for us and for our friends. A Daytrotter membership is one of the best parts of our annual budget. And check us out in Daytrotter Cartoon form!

On July 13th we got to participate in The Music Moves Festival which is a music festival that happens on a bus. That’s right. On a bus. Check out the highlight reel from the bus (which features a song of ours) and also this nightly news feature in which the Channel 5 News Team rides around with us!

Keep your eyes and ears open for some friends in the studio. Sooner rather than LATE-er. (hint, hint, wink, wink.)

We’ll see you on the road, but in the meantime, don’t take down your Christmas lights, be kind to your mail-carrier, and celebrate even the quirkiest of holidays.

-The Rough & Tumble

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