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The Campaign Campaign Tour

The years of waiting are up, California. That goes for you, too, general Southwest area of the U.S.– and we’ll plop in Denver and Omaha in a roundabout.

We are on our longest tour, yet. And that’s not even all we are doing. We have some things-to-not-yet-be-named-but-aren’t-evil-like-Voldemort we will tell you about… later.

Today we woke up in Nashville and will sleep tonight in Little Rock. While we intended to make it here by 5PM, finagling to fit a 97 pound dog in the backseat proved to be an afternoon affair– with little gratitude from Little Miss Face of the Holiday Awareness Campaign herself. This increases the capacity of our car not only by one new snout, but by a car topper, 5 weeks worth of luggage and CDs, and 50 pounds of dog food. Oh, and we had to fit in a quick all-four-tires replacement and some Thai food before we managed to hit I-40 West around 6pm. Two hours into tour, and we hadn’t been three miles away from home.

We very unceremoniously passed through Memphis and over the Mississippi, forgetting we wouldn’t see Tennessee for another five weeks. We hope it will still be there when we come back through– but five weeks is a long time to ask anyone to wait.

See you on the road, United States. We’re in good spirits, and we want to share it with you.

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