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Paint by Butter

The world is getting a little smaller, and very much the same. At least according to Butter. The band mascot has been rough-and-tumbling her way across the United States like a true champ. And to be honest, life for a dog on the road is not so different as life on the road for The Rough & Tumble.

Things That Happen Since We Aren’t in Nashville According to Butter:

1. We stay in the car until we don’t. Then, when we finish doing things in a place, we get back in the car again.

2. We eat when we are given food, and only when there is time to eat it.

3. We play in streams and run down trails– and put our heads out the window when we need air and can’t leave the car.

4. We sleep in a different place every night, but we always have our blanket that smells like Nashville and dog, so it seems like the same place every night.

5. Generally people are very nice at the shows played. They often give us treats and pat us on the head.

6. The morning and evening exodus are much quirkier, but still present.

7. There’s is always never enough time to sniff out everything before we get in the car (see observation 1).

We’re currently camped out in Mesa, AZ, playing a show in Phoenix tonight. Butter has had an excellent recuperation time with her new pal, Sam. Tomorrow, we head to California to try and make Butter a star!

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