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To 1000 and Beyond

As of the past hour, The Rough & Tumble have reached 1000 fans (Thanks, Dave Martina). Now, we aren’t ones to take as much stock in social media numbers and statistics, but a nice round number like that reminds us how great the last couple years have been for us. Don’t get us wrong, we still check that number incessantly after each show and post in the tiny hopes that it’ll climb (everyone needs a little internet affirmation), but the no-cheating-the-numbers game of Facebook that we have been unavoidably roped into has also been a reminder of you all– you faithful fans (FB declared and otherwise).

So, thanks, dear friends and fans. Maybe it’s all this California sun, or maybe it’s the mid-five-week-tour emotions starting to kick in– but most likely, it’s gratitude. To all of you whose houses we have sung in, favorite (and least favorite) bars and coffee shops we’ve met, and those of you who are faceless other than your internet profile (which we can’t technically view as we are a band page and you have likely set all your settings to private to keep creepers like us out).

We’ve sung in your cars and your kitchens and your classrooms. And we are excited to keep going.

Today we will spend all the time cleaning up after ourselves from our SoCal abode in which we’ve camped for the past week. We’ve hit Fullerton, Pasadena, Altadena, and eaten many nice dena’s in our time here. But we were really hoping to see some changing seasons, and Butter is still undeniably afraid of the ocean, so it’s north. And then that strange, long road east.

Whoa! 1,002! Not that we were checking…

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