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The Art of Being Still and Liking It

It’s been months since our journey out west and back. It’s been months since we’ve been away from Nashville for more than two consecutive days.

When we returned all those years ago (November), we never thought we’d have the itch again. And we had the workload to ensure we stayed– what, with the Holiday Awareness Campaign in full swing at its most crucial point in the year (December), a successful Kickstarter Campaign to, well, kickstart and deliver (January), and all of that (February) to muddle through, who has the time to sit at a computer and book for the road? Who even wants to go?

Turns out, we do.

The road hasn’t wrung us out, yet, in three years. Now with a couple of months rest under our belts (and Butter fully recovered from the last tour), we are nearly at full charge, and likely heading close to you. We have shows booked or in the works from DC to Nevada at this point, from now til December. You’ll find us at our some of our usual unusual haunts (public libraries and people’s living rooms), as well as a few new places. We will keep our calendar up to date so you can mark yours accordingly.

So what does The R&T do with a few spare minutes and no spare dollars? Well, we teach ourselves how to play the accordion, of course. And fix up our pink ukulele. And pull out the mandolin we’ve been meaning to get good at. And write a couple new songs we need to book shows for in order to get them to your ears. And try and figure out how to fit all these new additions into our tiny car with our big dog. And make a couple small hopeful thoughts toward a bigger touring vehicle.

That, and we start seeds, make soup with extra parsley, and finish all the books we started in 2013.

The art of being still might keep our car in one place, but it makes our hands blurry with movement. And those hands still can’t quite reach that one itch that can only be scratched on some gravel with yellow lines.

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