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Rainy Days and Fridays Always Make Us Blog (or they do, now)

Most of the way through this soggy Nashville month, The Rough & Tumble are fighting their case of the Januaries the only way they know how: Butter.

That’s not to say we are packing on the pounds with slabs of salty yellow fats. In fact, a brief stint in veganism has been added to our New Year’s goal list (the dominantly celebrated holidays took their toll, even on us). Anyone who knows us at all knows that our four legged, 97 pound bullmastiff pal, Butter, is the best way for this tiny folk band to recover from a season of road traveling, show singing, rootin’, tootin’ good times. And that season has been a long one.

Through several Sunday morning park walks with our pooch, we’ve realized that since we started this R&T baby, we’ve slept little and stayed still none. While Nashville can be a little hard on the traveling bones, perhaps a more-than-one-or-two-month standstill is in order while we get ourselves in order.

We have lots to do in this time, and will be keeping you up to date on those things. In fact, we’ve even made a list:

1. Get a camper.

2. Begin a podcast so all of our secret car alone time jokes can be made public and hilarious to more than just Butter.

3. Write for a new record.

4. Enjoy a house that doesn’t exist on wheels until we move into camper this spring (see #1).

Don’t worry! We have a couple shows in the area for those of you that are desperate for a fix.

And, there are few more surprises and bumps and concerns and complaints and compliments in addition to the list, but we are not ones to show all our cards. Actually, we are. But we are working on that, too.

5. Try not to show all of our cards (especially the Joker).

Most of all, we are going to try and be much better at writing to you folks. Because we like you.

And, as widespread and ragtag as you all are (especially you), you are the family we have created for ourselves out there. And family deserves more than just a Christmas card update. Although, who can say no to a picture of Butter in a Santa hat?

So cute.

Happily sitting still,

Mallory and Scott (and Butter, too)

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