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Oh Jeez It's Been Close to a Month Since We Last Blogged!

Remember that time back in July when we said we were gonna blog everyday? Yeah, we don’t either. So let’s start over.

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We’re back in the South again; welcomed by summer rains, prehistoric kudzu, choirs of cicadas and that stretch of I-40 we know so well. Last week we visited our friends and old stomping grounds in Nashville, TN and this week we’re in Black Mountain, NC, visiting friends and older stomping grounds. We’re settling into our selves again and finding a way for these places to still be ours even though we don’t have homes or jobs there anymore.

The camper is doing alright. We found out we have a bent axle, which is why we had those two blown tires. We have insurance and it is fixable, but it’s gonna take a few weeks before we can get it fixed, so until then, you’ll find us driving really slowly in the right lane.

Thank you to everyone who has backed us on The Will Gray Blueprint. You’ve helped us cover the cost of two tires, a bag of dog food for Butter, a few meals for us and gas money. Thank you for keeping us on the road. Thank you for keeping us fed. Thank you for taking an interest in us. Your donations are helping us, and artists like us, be able to bring music to you.

What’s on the horizon for us? Lots. Keep an eye open. Or two.

Thu Aug 20 2015

7:00p Dogtown Roadhouse

Floyd, VA Age Limit: All Ages Tickets: FREE Sat Aug 22 2015

12:00p The Floyd Country Store

Floyd, VA Age Limit: All Ages Tickets: donations welcome Sat Aug 22 2015

7:00p Callaway Brewing Co

Callaway, VA Age Limit: All Ages Tickets: donations welcome Sun Aug 23 2015

7:00p Sans Souci Community Garden

Greenville, SC Age Limit: All Ages Tickets: donations welcome Fri Aug 28 2015

7:00p LADD Landing Listening Room

Kingston, TN Age Limit: All Ages

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