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Snowflakes That Fall On Our Nose and Eyelashes: Pieces and Pieces.

Just a few weekends ago, our brother-in-law and sister entrusted us with their children and set sail north and south to do their work and visit their families. Naturally, we began researching child labor laws. Then, under the coaxing of playtime and hot chocolate, we negotiated terms.

We didn't account for the snow.

When our best pal, Ryan Camp, called to say he was uncertain about his ability to drive down the following evening due to an incoming snowstorm, we told him not to worry about coming down tomorrow-- instead, we told him to leave immediately. When we all woke up in the morning, the set we intended became a high budget winter theme we couldn't have coordinated better.

In one morning, we threw snowballs, carried miscellaneous pieces of house to the woods, and played with toys until Ryan thought he had enough footage to complete the project. Still trapped with us, Ryan decided to see the project to its end. The result was a most memorable weekend for us, and a beautiful video to help us release our upcoming project, Pieces and Pieces.

No children, animals, or tiny folk bands were frostbitten in the making of this video.

You can find more songs coming up on March 1, and follow the progress at our Facebook event.

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