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You Can't Be Here, but You're Welcome to Stay the Night.

"Hey, so, the Ranger just wanted us to tell you, no fires," he said.

"Okay, cool. No problem. We were actually just planning to leave after we ate," Scott said.

"Okay. Sure. Just, no fires, she said."

"So," Scott ventured, "it's okay that we're here?"

"Well, no," he said, "but we aren't going to kick you out. You're welcome to stay the night."

We love Vermont.

Butter delighted in our find.

We drifted into this beautiful state a few days before the State Parks officially open. Which means, in this magical land, that while they are technically closed, they are completely open. And free of charge. So The Rough & Tumble wandered back to that spot after their show Saturday night and woke up to Grand Isle State Park completely to themselves. This resulted in a real day off, complete with experimental stovetop biscuits (a complete success), and a hike in the crisp woods of the Northeast.

We have a whole extra week before we move on over to Maine, and work our way south and west from there.

If you're worried about your little folk band, don't be! Everyone is happy and healthy. But to be safe, you can check in with us a few different places. Like Facebook. Or Instagram (there you can find a picture of those delicious biscuits you've heard so much about). As always, keep up to date on our dates-- because we are adding by the minute. We are coming to your town. And, if you want, even to your living room.

In the meantime, we are going to keep happening on places we didn't know existed, and staying places we aren't welcome but are invited... or is it welcomed but not invited... we don't have to go home, but we can't stay here?... we have to go home, but we can stay here? Either way, we will be there. In those in between places. Before everything opens and maybe after, too.

I guess what we are saying is, it's a confusing life out here on the road. But we are glad to be back at it.

All the best,

Mallory and Scott

(and Butter, too)

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