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We are cartoons! This may come as a shock to those of you who thought we already were. But we are serious. As serious as... a cute little cartoon.

drawing by Steven Carter

Last November, we had a spark of an idea while chatting with our buddy in Asheville, Steve Carter (who you may remember as our balloon artist from our "Tiny Moses" music video). Within a week, we had a couple of adorable sketches showing up in our text messages. So, we did what we always do-- we told Steve some stories. From there, he fashioned a few cohesive comic strips, and is still furiously drawing between his 153 jobs, two cute kids, and kind partner (thanks for lending him to us, Amanda!). And thus is our 2019 Saturday morning series Ruffles & Tum Tums, a comic loosely based on the road adventures of this teeny tiny traveling folk band.

To celebrate this new sorta fictional adventure, we decided to pull a song from one of our favorite cartoons, Animaniacs, and perform it today on Double Americana. And it's a pretty geographically important tune for a camper living band. Join us today at noon EST on Facebook Live for a tiny-toony-all-a-little-loony episode of Double Americana!

We will be posting the official gateway link to Ruffles & Tum Tums as soon as we wake up in our footie pajamas on Saturday morning. So get ready with your favorite non-nutritious marshmallow cereal and grab your most well-worn stuffed animal. Saturday mornings are back! In a non-animated reading and looking at pictures sorta way.

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