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We decided to let March go out like a lamb with a few sweet behind-the-scenes stories from our recent EP, Love is Gross (but it looks good on you). Today, we are celebrating our pals Melinda & Gregg! These two entered into our lives by way of Mallory's sister, a neuroscientist who occasionally lets us hang out with all her sciencey, smart, and socially conscious friends. Gregg and his now-partner Melinda are two of those. We were fortunate to watch the early stages of this loving partnership take place, and even had our song "Take Me With You" as part of their early soundtrack.

When Melinda approached us during the pandemic to write a song for a then-discouraged Gregg, we happily obliged. This became the pretty little tune called "You." We tried to capture that "Take Me With You" vibe while also carefully crafting with, not in spite, of the challenges and heartbreak these two lovebirds had to endure to finally become who they are-- and who they are together.

We'll let Melinda take it from here:

Love is patient, love is kind. Love can also be messy as hell.

Gregg and Melinda met in midlife, as parents, when they were already entangled. It was not love at first sight; they started out as friends. Neither one of them expected to find their soulmate sitting across from them at church.

Gregg is a neuroscientist and professor, a line of work not typically associated with nurturing sweetness. Yet Melinda’s first impression of him was that this was the kindest man she’d ever met: gentle, generous, considerate, and exceptionally caring. He’s the kind of guy who makes sure that everyone eats good food, gets to talk, and has a safe ride home. Melinda was a professional in charge of the Sunday School program, and Gregg was a faithful volunteer. During their chats, Gregg confided in Melinda some of his challenges that he had as a divorced father, and Melinda confided in Gregg some of the challenges she had in her complex family life. When Gregg walked into a room and demonstrated his characteristic warmth, she felt like her heart would burst.

After some difficult soul-searching, they realized that being with each other was the best decision they could make. Gregg proposed on karaoke night, and a month later, they eloped on Panama City Beach. Months later, they had about 450 of their closest friends and family at their celebration. In their years together, Gregg and Melinda have been through everything from custody changes to cancer. Most marriages begin in calm, and face trials later on; for Melinda and Gregg, there has never been a period of calm. Yet they are each other’s lifeboats, admirers, champions, and safe places. Life is fragile and short, and authentic love is worth it.


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