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An Update that has Nothing to do with a Pandemic.

Summer's here and like a true Gemini, June is proving to be that mix of lightning bugs and poison ivy, hot afternoons and swimming pools, cool nights by the fire and smoke in your eyes. The summer twins that just can't be separated. But we're so glad it's here, as we've been waiting for this summer for about a year and a half. Why? Because we're playing shows again! We're vaccinated and as the number of vaccinated people steadily climbs, it seems safe enough to get back out there. We're adding tour dates to the calendar as we speak, so if you're vaccinated and free, come on out and see us! We've missed you.

But before you see us live- have you seen our newest music for "Painter's Sorrow?" Last summer, in Shippensburg, PA, we donned masks and painting clothes and made a music video with some of our favorite folks to work with, Krista and Christian Imbesi and the crew at Cap Collective (Josiah Farnsworth and Tom Pottiger). It was a true pleasure to make such a mess and try our hand at some abstract expressionism on camera. If you haven't seen it, give it a watch, give it a share, give it a like. We hope it makes you feel like getting out there and painting your own mess.

A big thank you goes out to our friends, Michael and Judy Nawa and their daughter Hannah, who managed The Thought Lot, the space we took over for 5 days and housed our set. Building a set got difficult and without their troubleshooting, help and generous know-how, just wouldn't have gotten done in such a quality way. And to Isaac and Heidi Tucker of Tucker & Co., who are always good for moral support and some windows for the set, thank you friends.

Some more exciting news; our vinyl records are finally in! The process took about 6 months from start to finish, but our voices and songs are now pressed in wax for the first time in our lives. We're thrilled and grateful to those of you who purchased copies, allowing us to experience this tiny milestone in the life of this band. Every time we open the box we think of the line from That Thing You Do- "A record? Like a record, record?" Those of you who pre-ordered have received your packages already, and those of you who haven't picked up your copy yet, here's the link. Go give us a spin!

We hope you're enjoying the summer for the tangle of wildflowers and weeds that it is and truly hope to see you safely out there.


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