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No June Bug Waits for Summer's Coming.

Is this how you saw your June looking when you started the year?


Us neither.

On these shortening, summer San Joaquin Valley days, when the temperature gets so hot the electric company practically begs you not to use the air conditioning during peak hours we’re reminded of where we thought we’d be. Alaska. When that was taken off the table, we thought by June we could at least be traveling on weekends, playing a show here and there, but definitely be able to go somewhere else. Like the beach. But now that seems to be off the table as well. Rather, we’re taking it off the table. This week as we’ve all seen the number of new Coronavirus cases increase, we’re reminded that even though we’re not where we thought we’d be, we’re glad that we can be where we are. For now. Talk to us again in a month. I mean, really. August is gonna be a whopper. We think. We hope.

We’ve made it our personal goal this summer to use up as much of the zucchini growing in the garden as is humanly possible. We’ve made zucchini relish, zucchini muffins, zucchini pickles, zucchini curry. We put zucchini in our breakfast, we put zucchini in our lunch. We put zucchini in our salads and turned ‘em into noodles, baked with tomatoes and onion. Tonight Mallory made a delicious three ingredient soup. Want to guess what was in it? Zucchini. That’s a given. BUT if you want the other two ingredients head on over and follow The Rumbly Tummy on Instagram. It’s one of the more delicious parts of the internet, where Mallory posts pictures of new recipes we’ve been trying out. If looking at food you can’t eat is your thing or if you need some inspiration on what to cook next in your own kitchen, look no further than The Rumbly Tummy. And don’t tell me that spicy vegan fried chick’n sandwich doesn’t have your mouth watering.

Did you see our song, Monkey Around came out? It’s a studio version of the tune that Jonathan Frahm of For Folk’s Sake calls “a jangly folk tune [that] recalls the lighthearted side of Woody Guthrie, highlighting a heart-melting notion for innocent fun.” Adorable right? Listen on Spotify and then check out the playlist we made, “I Wanna Be Your…” which features some perky love songs by some great musicians, new and old.

Oh! And no matter what kind of looks people are giving you—wear a mask!


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