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The Hardest Part (New Music Video!)

Today we're sitting at an allergen friendly bakery in Lincoln, NE, eating cinnamon rolls, morning rolls and a pumpkin donut, in that order. There are gluten-free/dairy-free confetti cookies and fluffer nutters, berry linzer bars and macron's of every color, staring at us from the bakery case. Maybe we'll get something to go when we finish our coffee. There's a pink neon sign hanging on the wall that reads, "the good life," surrounded by a display of seasonal fall flowers. Today, it feels like we're living the good life. Some days are like that and all it takes is getting out of bed and going to the bakery of your dreams that appeared like a mirage in the middle of the corn fields of Nebraska. Other days it's a bit more of a climb to realize it.

We released a music video today for our song, "The Hardest Part," and while not specifically about leisurely drinking your coffee and eating tasty treats with the person you love, today it feels like the hardest part is over. And even though we all know hard times will come again, it's good to take a minute and acknowledge how far we've come. Look at the view from this far up! Doesn't it stretch for miles?

This video, however, was not difficult to make. Mostly because we've got some great friends and skilled people around us. Monumental thanks to Isaac and Heidi Tucker of event planning/culture building company, Tucker & Co. for coordinating this day of video shooting, for lending their home, their time, their food, and their kid. This video was produced by Cap Collective and directed by Krista Imbessi with cinematography by Josiah Farnsworth and Christian Imbessi, who we just want to say are three of the easiest, most enjoyable people to work with. They did a beautiful job bringing this song to life as a video. And of course, and huge thank you to our child actors, Jane Tucker and Ezra B. They did a great job carrying the heavy load of being an adult for a morning and reminding us that the journey is lighter when you've got a friend.

There's been some nice press for this song and some kind words written about it. " 'The Hardest Part' echoes feelings of longing balanced with brightness and a light guiding you to the future," says Brian Carroll of New England music blog, Red Line Roots. "...a simple introduction that eventually builds like the towering mountain that the song was written for and while the duo may have unsuccessfully summited that hill they were looking to climb straight up, they sure as hell are peaking high and mighty in this music and songwriting game." If you'd like to read the whole story of how this song came to be written, check out the rest of the blog here.

So, without further ado, go watch "The Hardest Part"... until the next hardest part.


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