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The Rumbly Tummy: Honeybell Hiccup

If the Honeybells grow heavy, you'll know that I've been lost.

Almost two weeks ago, we sat down in Mallory's sister's living room (we kicked our niece off of the couch) and settled down to a Zoom call with 40 + family-because-we-say-so faces to listen to our new record, We're Only Family If You Say So. For the big occasion, we concocted three secret recipes for our guests to make in their home, and because we can't contain a good thing for too long, we thought we'd share one for this month's Rumbly Tummy. It's a cocktail / mocktail that'll keep the scurvy away in the winter months, and references our final song on the record (unless you got the bonus track edition) called "Old Kentucky."

Honeybells are some of the tastiest oranges we've ever been glad to be in Florida to experience. They're sweet and full and a tiny bit magical, and as we drove away from the Sunshine state a couple years ago, they were a comfort to eat as we drove through Kentucky, starting our new touring year with the usual nervousness and excitement. They run from December til the end of February before they start falling from the trees-- though not many do. These are a sweet delicacy, it's hard to imagine many go to waste.

Unfortunately, we haven't found a single one of them since being here this year. So any orange you can squeeze (we used this local Satsuma juice we found at the Tallahassee Farmer's Market) will do. But if you do get yourself a Honeybell, you are a blessed soul and we will pay you five dollars for it.

And so, for March 2021 edition of The Rumbly Tummy, we bring you the Honeybell Hiccup. For February (we called it Sobruary), we drank these several times sans tequila, so you have our stamp of approval that the Mocktail version is just as tasty, and a real lift while you wait for spring.

Honeybell Hiccup


1 shot tequila (optional)

1 shot Honeybell orange juice (or whatever you have on hand)

1 shot grapefruit juice

1 1⁄2 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp honey

Seltzer water


Stir together everything but the seltzer water until honey is dispersed. Add crushed ice, top with seltzer water. Garnish with citrus, or blackberries.


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