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The Rumbly Tummy: Roasted Grapes

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

It's been a lot of driving this month for a little folk band. From the tippy top of Maine to the bottom of New Jersey, we've squished every state of the Northeast into the Spring. Here's a diagram our friend, John Foster, made for us to show just how zigzag nuts it was:

Which means we've been pretty limited on time. If you were tuned into last week's Double Americana, you already know that we didn't even have time to go grocery shopping and had to present a disappointingly empty fruit bowl. But as is the case with most life stuff, following the season of famine is often a feast. We went from starving artists to a full fridge and a cake tin. We were gifted gluten free carrot cake, cookies, and brownies from our pals Lonnie & Colleen in Maine, a slew of microgreens and radishes and lettuce from the CSA of our Vermont pals, Don & Jen, and a breakfast smorgasbord of gluten free bread, fruit, granola, and a couple avocados from our New Hampshire friends, John & Becky. And this all within two days! So we are making our way to Michigan feeling relieved and lucky and a lot less hungry.

As we drive across I-90 in New York with 8 hours of driving left, 2 days to do it, and an international border to cross, we had a hankering for something light to keep us awake, but still wanted to enjoy the disassembled feastly potential in our fridge. So, on a budget of time with a world of options, we present to you Roasted Grapes on this month's Rumbly Tummy. It's a simple recipe with a few ingredients, but adds an unlikely sweet and savory surprise to your salad. We also enjoy them with a slice of bread, or just by themselves. It's a fast way to feel fancy.

If you want the full salad, we've included the ingredients below the Roasted Grape recipe (sans instructions). But, as always, you do you. Experiment. With salad, it's always a toss up, right?

We will see you in Michigan in the next couple weeks. Don't be a stranger. And as your gardens start popping up, send a nice thought to your favorite teeny tiny traveling folk band. And send us your garden veggie recipes, too! Perhaps it'll be the next Rumbly Tummy...

Roasted Grapes


1 1/2 c red grapes

1 TBSP olive oil

2 tsp rosemary

dash smoked paprika and dried thyme

salt & pepper


1. Toss all ingredients together. Heat a pan to medium-high.

2. When pan is hot, toss in grapes. Stir occasionally for 5-10 minutes, until grapes begin to pucker and a little juice begins to leak.

3. Turn off heat. add extra salt & pepper to taste. Toss on your salad or eat as a snack warm!

The Full Salad!

On the bottom--

Fresh microgreens tossed with olive oil & red wine vinegar.

In the middle--

Small rosemary roasted potatoes (halved), Radishes, Sunflower seeds, Black olives, Roasted Grapes, Cherry tomatoes (halved)

On top--

Sprouts., Herbed Tahini.


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