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We Got 'em Beat

It's a celebration of love in the last week of March. We're bringing you the stories behind the stories of the love songs we wrote for our EP Love is Gross (but it looks good on you). Or, at least the stories that aren't about us. This one started oddly. First, we were scammed. Or rather, someone tried to scam us. There was a strange virtual attack on artists in early 2021, wherein a scammer would contact via Instagram asking for a song commission. Knowing artists were desperate at the time, with almost a full year of no work, the offer seemed almost legitimate. Luckily, we pushed further, realized what was happening before it it got too far, and then immediately posted screen shots to warn fellow artists.

There were lots of commiserating comments, but then one stood out from a Tallahassee fan.

"Wait, but do you actually do song commissions?"

We do!

And thus a bad scam turned into a good deal. Jordan wanted a song to celebrate her beau, Eloy. These two lovebirds met in 2013 when Jordan needed her brakes fixed, and her heart hit the brakes when Eloy was her mechanic. They finally started dating in 2016, engaged in 2017, married in 2019 and have been happily ever after since. They now spend their time eating oysters in Apalachicola, out in nature as much as possible, and just generally being their adorable selves (in our opinion).

Listen to their tune "We Got 'em Beat" here. It's a lighthearted, fun tune about exploring the world around you-- and the luck of doing it with someone you love.


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