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Today We Caffeinate

Gone are the glory days of show playing, friend making, late night load outs. As in, that was yesterday.

Today, we caffeinate.

We moved the camper from a Cabela’s parking lot, where we slept after preparing some gluten free pasta primavera and listening to our favorite podcast, to the Starbucks parking lot adjacent. We’ve been here thanks to a couple of gift cards (thanks, Aunt Tammy and Kathy Bartell) for five solid hours, now.

“Texas. How are you going to get to Texas?!”

“Is Florida too early for 2016?”

“What’s the name of that guy who told us the name of that guy in Rochester, again?”

These hazy sentences broken up only by a quick remedy snack time of stovetop rhubarb crisp

whipped up somewhere around 2PM. Sugar and caffeine. Showtime feels like forever ago. And all we’ve done is try to book shows.

We are shaky enough now to rattle down the road a couple hours to do it again tomorrow somewhere in Wisconsin. Tomorrow, we will caffeinate. In preparation for these:

Friday, July 24 – Chicago, IL. The Narthex w/ Liza Day. Doors @ 9PM.

Saturday, July 25 – Davenport, IA. The River Music Experience. 4PM.

Sunday, July 26 – Cambridge, IL. Ca D Zan House Show. 6PM.

Tuesday, July 28 – Wichita, KS. Botanica. 5:30PM.

Rattle, rattle, zoom.

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