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Our very first Double Americana! We decided to ease in slow, playing you a song that we've been playing around a bit in the last couple of months. We started working this one up in the car somewhere in the middle of South Dakota last year, after Mallory kept insisting to Scott that it was a real song. She sang in once in a choir... or something?

The banjulele was employed, and by the time they landed at their gig in the middle of the state, The R&T had themselves a potential first song for Double Americana. Whenever that idea would come to fruition.

Which is now.

"Cindy." An old Appalachian traditional song, in its current form by square dancing mountain folk who stole it from its origin of a song called "Cindy-Lou." It's been covered by everyone from Robert Plant to Andy Griffith to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. And now, by The Rough & Tumble.

See you at noon to play along!

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