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Cockles and Mussels

We've spent our last month on or near the Atlantic, which while that isn't quite Ireland, our time in Maine felt dang close. Well, at least for two people who have never been to Ireland. Thanks to a request from some friends who actually have been to Ireland (and who also happen to own a giant book of folk songs-- thanks, Megan and Ryan!), we can pretend a little bit more.

"Cockles and Mussels" is considered the unofficial anthem of Dublin, and features an ill-fated fishmonger. It's enough to make even the most jovial of pescatarians a little teary eyed. While this lady, Molly Malone, isn't directly linked to any real historical figure, a statue of her exists in bronze in Ireland. And, noted near the top of Wikipedia, has been groped so many times that the bustier of the bronze is now discolored.

Keep it classy, Ireland.

These are just a few things to keep in mind while playing along with us at noon EST on Double Americana! This also happens to be our first food-y song, and pairs well with our Rumbly Tummy blog today (and if this song about shellfish really gets your appetite despite the death and sadness, you can pair those underwater friends with the corn fritter recipe we featured).

It's time for Double Americana!

Cockles and Mussels music & lyrics

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