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Little Brown Jug

We've got these two friends, let's call 'em Aaron and Bryan, who've got an excellent selection of little brown jugs on a high shelf in their kitchen. And every time we go over to their house we end up not-so-carefully selecting a little brown jug and having more to drink out of it than we'd planned. The next morning we curse them under our whiskey breaths. Well, these two friends went down to New Orleans a couple years ago and saw the Preservation Hall Jazz Band play this song, "Little Brown Jug," and when they came back they said that we had to cover this on Double Americana. A whole year has come and gone and we're finally getting around to it, but, wow what a fun song! Almost as much fun as drinking over at Aaron and Bryan's.

There's not much to say about this drinking song except to say that it was written by Joesph Eastern Winner and first published in 1869. It's been covered by lots of different acts over the years and experienced a huge uptick in popularity during Prohibition. But most importantly, follow the bouncing ball over to this 1948 Screen Song cartoon sing-along.

We had a lot of fun arranging this song and used every trick we learned at Summer Camp and every noisemaker in our suitcase, so, grab your glasses and hold onto your livers, it's time for Double Americana.

Little Brown Jug

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