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Howling Back at the Wounded Dog (Release Day!)

Howling Back at the Wounded Dog is here. It's time to Howl Back, Pack!

We are spending (current time) the eve of our album release like we do every other release in our over 8 years as a band: computers open, lists marked with last minute notes on hand, dogs sleeping, and a bottle of wine between us. This time, in a Walmart parking lot somewhere outside of Cleveland. Excepting the dogs and the loud street sweeper outside our window, it's just the two of us. It doesn't get old, this part. The part that feels like we are pushing a big red button and sending hours-on-days of chaos and creation in a neatly formed package out into the universe. It feels like the end and the beginning. It feels like we've already started planning our next record. It feels like a hassle and a relief, like all the loose ends are about the be tied up just as we start to unravel from the other side. Like magic, but with overtime at work that we won't be getting paid for.

It's glorious.

And now, it's yours. Take it in your car or at work, or put on some headphones and give it some concentration. It's been a gift to us, and now it's our gift to you, and we can't tell you how to spend your gift. But we hope you like it. We really, really do. We hope it hits you somewhere in the gut or the heart or that weird crying place in your throat, and also the funny part of your elbow. And when you've given it a spin, we hope you'll howl back. Share it with a friend, post it online, or even howl back at us. Buy a few copies to give away at Christmas. Or keep it for a while as the record that is just yours, that no one else can have until you've become the expert. We've been there, too.

Here are all the ways you can get it (and there are more, too)--

Buy a physical copy at:

This feels like goodbye, but it's also hello. Let's keep meeting each other like this. Thanks again for being part of our pack. Now go out there and howl your guts out.


The R&T

(Mallory, Scott, Mud Puddle, Magpie Mae... and somewhere out there, all those other lost dogs, and dogs we've lost)


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