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Love is Gross (but it looks good on you)

Love is Gross (but it looks good on you) is now available on whatever platform you're not protesting. Just in time for Valentine's Day, you can have 7 songs (or 8, if you're a Patreon member) ooey-gooey free-- but still packed with love.

This project came as a "holding place" as we write and gather new material for our new full length record. But then, it morphed into a life of its own. Or, several lives, really. I paraphrase our pal Bryan (you will know Bryan and his huzband Aaron after listening to the first track-- "Remember When") in saying, it's more than just listening to a couple of artists spin their idea of love for us all to latch on to. It's an album that is entirely composed of other people's love stories-- their inside jokes, their shorthand, their idiosyncrasies. You're looking in on the inner workings of someone else's story. Which, in turn, makes space for your own love story.

It was a privilege to be let behind the curtain of these lives, and we hope that you feel the same in listening to them. We'll be breaking down each song in the coming weeks, the people behind them, and the process of trying to take a ginormous ecosystem that's so crucial and detailed between two people-- and then shrink it down to 2 1/2 to 4 minutes.

It was wonderful. Funny. Lifegiving.

And maybe a little gross.

But mostly, it was love.

Give it a listen. Give it a shout out. Let us know how it made you feel and all that other weird gross emotional stuff.

All our love,

The R&T


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