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Today, Love is Gross.

Today is the day! Our new EP, Love is Gross (but it looks good on you) is available exclusively on Bandcamp for Bandcamp Friday, where 100% of sales go to artists. That's us. We know what you're thinking-- wasn't this supposed to be next week? And the answer to that is... sort of. Before we get into that-- here is the button to get all the gross weird sorta-love-songs you can handle this time of year:

In the wake of the Spotify debacle, lots of folks are reconsidering the way they consume music. Some are cancelling their accounts. Some are taking a pause. Some are continuing on in hopes that this will blow over. On our part, we're happy when folks are listening to music-- not just our music. With songs becoming a less-than-hot commodity, blaring in the background of every television show, airport, grocery store, and all the public and private spaces between, when anyone takes the time to listen to music intentionally, it's a win for everyone. For this EP, we decided to do almost entirely a digital release. We only printed up 100 hard copies, which we went old school with. We handstamped, wrote, and signed each of them. You can get your limited edition copy here, btw. Our decision was intentional-- reduce the waste and our carrying weight in our little camper. Then... the digital world of music exploded one week before our release date. The place we've been involuntarily pushing folks toward for years is suddenly a hot button topic-- and not in our favor. So, in an effort to remind ourselves and our listeners what the point of streaming services and platforms are for, we released our EP one week early on a site that has always been kind to their artists-- Bandcamp. We've been releasing music on there since the beginning of our 10-year-old band. They've grown and changed as the music world has changed-- and always with the effort to keep artists first. Every first Friday, they forego their profit to give entirely to artists.

This isn't just a giant advertisement for Bandcamp or a complaint against Spotify or even a commentary on the state of music these days (get off my lawn!). We understand as artists that there are 100 different ways people can come to hear music they love. We are going to keep adapting, create accessibility, and form welcoming pathways to connect ourselves with listeners. But more importantly, we're going to keep making music, because we love to do it, and we have heard that you love to hear it. Music, no matter which way it gets to your ears, is a way of connecting us, consoling us, and making life a little brighter (and weirder). It's a way of falling in love again and again with this wide world. This latest EP is no exception. So go ahead, hit the button, click the links, follow us on over to wherever you get music and give us a spin. We'll give you another little reminder next week (with some more insight on the record). But today (and for the next week), you'll only get it here. All our love, The R&T (Mallory, Scott, Mud Puddle, Magpie Mae & Goo) PS- interested in keeping our wheels spinning in a more direct way? Consider becoming a patron on our new Patreon page. Sign up and you get a FREE digital copy of Love is Gross.


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