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The Water is Wide

Our second week, and we are still going strong as ever!

We took our pal, Paula, up on her request (as it was the first request we got!) and decided to learn and play "The Water is Wide." Mallory knew it from her choir days. Scott knew it from his mother's obsession with James Taylor. But even with its pervasiveness, Mallory still managed to confuse it halfway through each time with "Danny Boy" and then "Shenandoah." That's to say, we still have a bit of work to do with our old folk song chops.

Or maybe Mallory was on to something. Turns out, this tune was first put together by Cecil Sharp in 1906 when he decided to take a bunch of melodies that sounded kind of similar and do a mash up to create it. Officially published as a Scottish folk song in 1906, this ditty has a family tree full of cousins and parents and children extending through a plethora of other tunes you may know. None of which are the ones that Mallory was confusing with it.

So grab your extra watered down coffee and join us at noon today to play along on Double Americana (Facebook link below!).

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