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Bury Me Beneath the Willow

For as popular as this song is, we are a little surprised that we hadn't heard it in all our lives! This, friends, is why we need friends. This week on Double Americana, we are joined by our pals, Brian and Sheralyn Barnes, who live in a cool apartment in St. Paul and give us keys to said apartment to shower while we park in their street for a couple weeks. And when we asked them what song they would like to do with us, "Bury Me Beneath the Willow" was their reply.

From Allison Krauss to Dolly Parton to The Carter Family to Woody Guthrie to, more recently, Roseanne Cash and Chris Thile-- this is a song that evidently struck a chord (har-har) with more than a few people. And while we as healthy, emotionally stable folk singer believe in equal balanced and maybe not co-dependent relationships that result in suicide, it makes for some beautifully true songs.

A bluegrass tune officially cannonized in 1906, the desperation of a young woman's voice drips throughout the melody. We are so happy and sad to have had it suggested, and to take a stab at it (eek) with our talented pals (step aside folk-bluegrass-country gods and idols!). Tune in at noon today for a live rendition on our Facebook page. And now, if you miss the live episode and its two week stay on our page, you can always head to our Youtube channel later for a song-only version.

Double (Quadruple?) Americana!

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