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Double Americana: Shortenin' Bread

It's been a crazy couple weeks here in the land of The R&T. Between releasing a music video for Tiny Moses, playing shows in Reedley, Santa Margarita, and Paso Robles (thanks to everyone who came out and supported us!), completing our Kickstarter (WE MADE IT THANKS TO YOU!), readying press releases, submitting our music to distributors, and drinking a lot of Turkish Coffee, we've been the proverbial chicken minus a head.

And it wasn't just a crazy week for us. It was a crazy week for our very special guest, too. He literally drove through fire yesterday and so we said "cool your kitchen, we'll do the cooking this week." So you'll have to meet our very special guest next week.

But this week, we're pairing well with Turkish Coffee from The Rumbly Tummy by making some Shortenin' Bread (in both a physical and metaphorical way). You can taste the coffee and hear the shortenin on Double Americana.

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