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I'll Go Anywhere With You

Just a head's up, Double Americana this week will be Wednesday at 1:30PM EST, instead of our normal noontime slot, on account of us doing a radio show called "Whiskey Before Breakfast." This isn't code for "we're just going to day drink instead of doing our jobs," it's an actual show and you can listen to it at or in Pittsburgh on 88.3FM. So you can tune in there and then catch Double Americana at 1:30PM from Mallory's Mom's house.

So, we've got these friends, Lee and Suzan. We write them postcards every week and they come out to our shows when we're in the area (or when we're not). We even got to hang out with them this summer after a show, park our camper and do laundry at their house, These are our kind of friends. They came through for us BIG TIME last year when we were fundraising for our album release. We promised a lot during that Kickstarter campaign, you might recall, especially the further up the ladder you went. With rewards such as our dog's professional artwork, a postcard a week, and a song written especially for them, Lee and Suzan climbed that ladder to the top and it's been on the to-do list hanging on our wall to follow through with that promise ever since.

A few weeks ago we revisited the initial email exchange in which we asked Lee and Suzan to tell us a bit about themselves. Due to the songwriter/muse confidentiality act of 1998, we're unable to share the exact details of that email, but let's just say, it was really cute. Pertinent information is as follows; they live in a prison town, they won an El Camino in a raffle, and they like to travel together. After putting that information into the songwriting machine, what emerged afterward was what we in the songwriting business call "a love song."

I'll go anywhere with you. Photo by Taylor Donskey.

This week on Double Americana we're going to play you their song. It was a joy to write and a joy to get to know our new friends. We hope you enjoy it, too.

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