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Bottle Of Wine

Well we are officially in New England for the Fall, but it is not officially Fall in New England yet. We're in Connecticut for a few days hanging out with our friend Mike Shannon who you might remember as that guy we used to live with when we all lived in Nashville and our bass player on We Made Ourselves a Home When We Didn't Know. We're doing the things we used to do when we lived together, mostly binge watching shows on Netflix and playing with the dog. It's a good life. Maybe we'll play some music while we're together, too.

Mallory living the good life.

We've had a great couple weeks; playing The Purple Fiddle in West Virginia, one night opening for the band Yarn, getting to have our first Thanksgiving dinner of the season (Thanks Nawa's!) and adding New Jersey to the list of states we've played (and will gladly return to!) It was a real treasure being the featured performer after an open mic in Shepherdstown, WV and to have the opportunity to play our friend Heidi's birthday party in Dillsburgh, PA. We've got some fun shows coming up this week, too. Two nights in Boonville, NY at Camp Benjamin; Friday night's show is for kids and for the young at heart as an introduction to our music and our instruments and Saturday night's will be our normal show. And Sunday night we'll be in Binghamton, NY at Chenango Craftsmen House Concerts. We can't wait to see you all up there in New York.

This week on Double Americana we're going to play you a fun song we heard for the first time this past Saturday night after playing a show in Great Falls, VA. Our host, Jessie, put on a record in which a couple female voices, a banjo and a standup bass sang the catchiest song about a bottle of wine we'd ever heard. Turns out it's a song by Tom Paxton written in 1965 and turns out the folks we heard on the recording were none other than our host and her band from when she was a teenager. Upon leaving the house show, we immediately found Tom Paxton's recording and proceeded to listen over and over again. And we can't wait to share it with you!

Come see us this week and join us on Double Americana, Wednesday at noon EST.

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